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SPACE10’s ‘Algae Dome’ yields future super-crop

Sep 08, 2017, 4:51 AM EDT
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(Source: pxhere)

SPACE10, a Copenhagen-based future-living lab, has erected an “Algae Dome,” a four-meter tall food-producing pavilion with 320 meters of tubing that yields green microalgae and fresh oxygen courtesy a powerful bioreactor.

The food-producing architecture explores the potential impact of “supercrop” algae on the future of food and sustainability, writes Curbed.

The project, on display at Copenhagen’s CHART Art Fair, builds on the belief that algae could fix some of the world’s biggest challenges from food shortages to climate change, notes Design Boom. The microalgae produced by the system carries two times more protein than meat and 50% more iron than spinach.