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Midwest's greenhouse taps earth’s heat to grow citrus

Sep 05, 2017, 9:39 AM EDT
One of the last adaptations of Russ Finch's design.
(Source: Nicolás Boullosa/flickr)

Producing citrus in the Midwest United States in winters is an uphill task but not for Russ Finch, an ex-mailman in Nebraska, who has set up a facility that taps geothermal energy to grow lemons, grapefruit-sized oranges, green figs, and grapes locally all year round for just $1 a day.

Named the Greenhouse in the Snow, the structure has a floor dug down four feet below the surface, a design which sources geothermal heat to prevent temperature slide during chilly nights, writes Inhabitat.

The Nebraskan entrepreneur’s design drastically curtails the cost of farming citrus on the northern High Plains and has thus generated interest in many potential buyers, notes ZME Science.