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Rooftop farms: A lifeline for conflict-hit Gaza Strip

Aug 24, 2017, 5:33 AM EDT

For nearly two million people inhabiting Gaza, innovation was the only way out to tackle the shortage of food and vital supplies amid Israeli blockade that not only brought international trade to a standstill but squeezed the territory of arable land.

The communities in this 141 square mile territory responded with an extrinsic concept, rooftop farming, which now forms the lifeline of the local population, writes Inhabitat.

Such upward farming, which gained traction in the besieged territory after a U.N. project trained few households on aquaponics, enables and empowers people constantly threatened by food insecurity.

The aquaponic systems rely on half the water required in traditional farming and involve zero wastage, which are invaluable perks for a community under blockade, notes City Farmer.