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Startup reveals solar car with a 500-mile range

Jul 07, 2017, 8:36 AM EDT
Tesla electric cars might have a competitor in Lightyear.
(Source: Steve Jurvetson/flickr)

Ambitious players in the automotive industry are not content with just electric cars and an example is a Dutch startup, Lightyear, which recently unveiled the concept of a fully solar-powered, four-wheel-drive luxury sedan that can clock a range of 500 miles.

With its Lightyear One model, the company claims to be addressing the “scaling problem” with electric cars that require the installation of many more public charging spots to be a practical travel option, writes Tree Hugger.

If the tall claims by Lightyear live up to the expectations, the car could give sleepless nights to electric carmaker Tesla, however, not in near future, as Lightyear plans to roll out just 10 in 2019, notes Mashable.

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