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Watershed moment: U.K. shuns coal use for a day

Apr 24, 2017, 8:45 AM EDT

For the first time since Industrial Revolution, Britain on Friday spent 24 hours without using electricity produced from coal, the most polluting fossil fuel. The country’s energy utility company, National Grid, described the development as a “watershed” moment, adding that more ‘coal-free’ days are round the corner owing to energy-efficient homes and appliances.  

Britain, which plans to phase out coal by 2025 to meet its ambitious carbon emissions goal, has set up a robust system of diverse and flexible sources of electricity, writes The Telegraph.

Indiscriminate use of fossil fuels, especially coal, has been one of the major contributors to climate change, a challenge that world seeks to address by promoting power generation from greener and cleaner natural gas and renewables, like wind and solar, notes The New York Times.