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Now send hugs remotely via cute stuffed animals

Apr 11, 2017, 6:47 AM EDT

Can you give your loved ones a hug from afar? The answer is a “yes,” courtesy, the Parihug, which is a cute, stuffed animal with an inbuilt accelerometer and motor, designed to share a sense of touch between people physically distant from each other.

The Parihugs work in two ways- as a connected pair or in sync with an app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, writes Mashable.  You can hug one of the Parihugs, which will record the duration and intensity of this touch and automatically send a message to your closed ones, triggering a vibration that ranges from gentle to intense.

Alternatively, a user can tap on Parihug’s companion app to share a haptic feedback remotely with their loved ones, notes The Verge. Xyla Foxlin, Parihugs 20-year-old C.E.O. and founder, says her plushy animals help people bond together with physical touch even from afar, which cannot be achieved by just audio and video communication.