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Mobile reactor converts oceanic plastic into fuel

Apr 11, 2017, 6:43 AM EDT

The stockpiles of plastic waste dumped in oceans and landfill sites prompted an organic chemist and a sailor to join hands and develop a mobile shipboard reactor that can convert plastics into invaluable fuel.

The technology promises to be a better alternative to recycling plastic as the conversion process releases no toxic byproducts into the environment while ridding it entirely of a material that takes centuries to decompose fully, writes Wonderful Engineering.

The process is yet to overcome some of the limitations, notes New Atlas. Swaminathan Ramesh, the organic chemist behind the idea, says the reactor works with only certain types of plastics and also involves fuel costs in collecting plastic waste from the ocean.

However, the innovative technology offers a good incentive at land-based recycling facilities and might significantly lower down the amount of plastics that end up in oceans.