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E.U. decries Trump order to dump Obama climate plan

Mar 29, 2017, 8:43 AM EDT
U.S. President Donald Trump scrapped the "job-killing regulation."
(Source: Thurgood Marshall College Fund/flickr)

U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to roll back the climate change policy brought in by the Obama administration drew sharp rebuke from environmental activists, with the E.U. leading the charge as it reiterated its commitment to pushing the agenda of global clean energy transition.

By scrapping the climate policy, which he considers a part of “job-killing regulations,” Trump seeks to create thousands of jobs in the gas, coal and oil industries, a move that could seriously impact America’s emissions cut targets as per the Paris climate deal agreed in December 2015, writes the BBC.

The states of California and New York, however, regretted Trump’s “profoundly misguided” order while assuring the global community that they would continue to combat climate change with or without Washington.

Trump’s executive order, likely to face a host of legal hurdles, sparked outrage among Democrats, who slammed the president of favoring special interests at the expense of health and safety of America’s future generations, notes The Guardian.