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Egypt’s ex-president walks free after six years custody

Mar 24, 2017, 7:36 AM EDT
Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak
(Source: sherif_hassan_mesbah/flickr)

Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak, who was cleared of murder charges earlier this month, walked free on Friday after spending six years in detention following his ouster from power during the Arab Spring uprising in 2011. Mubarak, 88, was earlier sentenced to life in prison for complicity in the killing of hundreds of anti-government protesters, who were demanding the authoritarian leader to step aside over corruption allegations.

Legal experts have criticized Mubarak’s acquittal by Egypt’s highest court, describing the development as a big blot on the country’s judicial and legal system as it failed to prove even a single official guilty of the carnage that took place in Cairo during the 2011 uprising, writes The Guardian.

Egypt’s President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, who served as Mubarak's military intelligence chief, remains aware of the public uproar that may follow the decision and has reportedly been unwilling to free the autocrat, writes the BBC.