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London attack: police launch nationwide raids; seven held

Mar 23, 2017, 6:12 AM EDT
Lone attacker rammed his car into passengers near the Houses of Parliament, London.
(Source: Tony Kent/flickr)

British police on Thursday carried out a series of raids across London, Birmingham and elsewhere in the U.K. and arrested seven suspects over a deadly attack near the Houses of Parliament, which left three people dead and about 40 injured.

A lone attacker, believed to be inspired by international terrorism, sped across Westminster Bridge in a car, plowing through pedestrians before he got off and stabbed a police officer on Wednesday, notes Reuters.

The world leaders, including those from France and Germany that have been victims of horrendous terror strikes of late, shared condolence messages and showed solidarity with the British people, writes the BBC

Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote to British Prime Minister Theresa May, condemning the devious and cynical forces of terror while underlining the importance for the global community to join hands to fight the menace.  

May announced that the parliamentary proceedings would continue on Thursday, sending a strong message to terror outfits that British democracy and normal life in the capital cannot be derailed by threats and assaults.