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Waveshades: Visa’s new stylish payment method

Mar 15, 2017, 7:30 AM EDT

Visa recently unveiled its chip-loaded sunglasses, called Waveshades, which double up as a contactless prepaid payment card that a user can simply wave across a card reader to buy stuff. The company says its pilot program in Australia keeps pace with an evolving financial services environment, leveraging innovation in everyday life to deliver a seamless and rewarding experience to the users.

The chip, connected to an online account, sits in the arm of the shades, notes The Verge. If a user loses his pay-shades, they can simply block the online account. One of the limitations though, remains the lack of contactless payment infrastructure, which may keep this “genius” from shooting to instant fame and popularity.

Earlier, wristbands, key fobs, mini gym-bag tags, rings and phones have been loaded with contactless payment technology, writes Taking Charge. However, many believe that migrating the technology to sunglasses is actually a better idea as these are the “the most obvious and essential take-along to outdoor concerts and sporting events.”

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