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A.I.-based, spherical tire levitates, morphs shape

Mar 09, 2017, 7:02 AM EST
Goodyear Eagle 360 Urban concept tire.
(Source: Automedia MK/flickr)

Renowned rubber company, Goodyear, has unveiled a spherical concept tire, called the Eagle 360 Urban, which features a sensor-laden rubber “bionic skin” that “reads” the roads its moving on and morphs its surface characteristics accordingly.

The A.I.-based tire shares the gathered data with car’s braking and handling system and also passes the information to other connected cars updating them about the changing road conditions. The 3D-printed concept tire, fashioned from super-flexible polymer, exhibits ultra-maneuverability even allowing the vehicle to move in sideways direction, notes Road Show.

The futuristic tire may take a while before it goes into the production lines, the reason being that it will require an entirely new set of automobiles to fit into, writes New Atlas

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