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N. Korea missile tests: China stresses talks to avert crisis

Mar 08, 2017, 5:14 AM EST

China on Wednesday appealed to North Korea to halt its missile and nuclear tests while urging the U.S. and the South to suspend their joint military drills in the Korean peninsula and diffuse a growing conflict with dialogue. Foreign Minister Wang Yi compared the situation to two speeding trains rushing towards each other, adding that the military operations from both the sides should stop immediately to avert a “head-on collision.”

The appeal came as the U.S. began deploying its advanced anti-missile system, T.H.A.A.D., to South Korea, a move which China says would disturb the regional security balance, peace and stability, writes Reuters.

The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to meet on Wednesday to discuss “strong measures” against N. Korea after the reclusive Asian state test-fired four ballistic missiles on Monday, three of which landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone (E.E.Z.), notes the BBC.