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F.B.I. chief denies Trump’s “false” wiretap allegations

Mar 06, 2017, 7:10 AM EST
F.B.I. director James Comey
(Source: Rich Girard/flickr)

James Comey, director of the F.B.I., has reportedly asked the U.S. Justice Department to publicly disown President Donald Trump’s claim that his phone was wiretapped by his predecessor Barack Obama during the 2016 presidential campaign. According to U.S. media, Comey believed that Trump’s allegations not only lack any substance but also tarnish F.B.I.’s image for breaching the law.

The development, which marks a “startling rebuke” of a sitting president, leaves Comey under pressure from Democratic leaders, who want the director to raise the issue publically, reports the BBC.

Democratic leaders called on the White House to release the evidence to back Trump’s accusations, adding that the controversy is an attempt to divert attention from the row surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recently came under fire over his Russia ties, notes Reuters.