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Virginia first U.S. state to legalize robotic delivery

Mar 03, 2017, 5:20 AM EST
Delivery Robot from Starship Technologies.
(Source: GetMobility.de - Mobilität, Transport, Beförderung/flickr)

The sight of delivery robots treading along the sidewalks in Virginia may just get more common as the state has legalized these autonomous machines for door-to-door delivery of goods. The new legislation, which comes into effect on July 1, sets a speed limit of ten miles per hour for these futuristic “delivery boys.”  

The state, however, says that the local councils can amend the legislation or scrap it if the implementation of the concept becomes too problematic, writes Engadget. The law also requires the delivery companies to constantly monitor their fleets of little bots to prevent them from bumping into one another.

Delivery robotics company, Starship Technologies, which was instrumental in getting the law passed, will be a major beneficiary of the development, notes Recode. However, the ruling also favors other tech firms like Marble and Dispatch, which are set to roll out autonomous delivery bots to city sidewalks.