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Robotic food delivery on way to make U.S. debut

Jan 31, 2017, 5:46 AM EST
Starship Technologies' food delivery robot.
(Source: GetMobility.de - Mobilität, Transport, Beförderung/flickr)

Tech firm Starship Technologies is set to hit American streets with its large fleet of six-wheeled robots, which will start making food deliveries in Washington D.C. and Redwood City by early February. The bot that trots along at 4mph is touted to be a more feasible option for large-scale rollouts than drones.

The Starship baby, which is expected to invite pedestrians’ curious gaze on its way to delivery, has already been tested in the U.K., Germany, and Switzerland, where it efficiently supplied food orders, groceries, and parcels, writes Popular Science.

DoorDash and Postmates are the first two companies to be introducing robotic food delivery in Redwood City and Washington D.C. respectively, reports The Verge. The bots are designed to autonomously navigate the sidewalks with the help of inbuilt cameras, sensors and map data of the locality.