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Trump adamant amid rage over immigration ban

Jan 30, 2017, 7:11 AM EST
Rally against Trump's "Muslim Ban" policies sponsored by Freedom Muslim American Women's Policy.
(Source: Lorie Shaull/flickr)

A wave of protests across American cities and even court rulings have failed to move U.S. President Donald Trump to roll back his executive order that banned immigration from seven Muslim countries on Friday. Amid global outrage, the Trump administration defended the restrictions, which it said were not “Muslim ban,” adding that visas would be issued once again after “the most secure policies” were in place.

Trump’s executive order has brought him into a direct conflict with the judiciary, with sixteen state attorneys general describing the step as “unconstitutional,” writes the BBC. Angry protesters flocked to the White House and Trump Tower in New York while some lawyers reached airports offering free legal assistance to those affected.

Hundreds of people traveling to the U.S. have been detained or deported as a consequence of the order, reports Reuters. Some of the protesters carrying placards with slogan “NEVER AGAIN MEANS NEVER” likened the decision to the 1939 incident when some 250 Jewish refugees aboard a ship were turned away from Havana and were eventually killed by Nazis.