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Colombia: amnesty law approved for Farc rebels

Dec 29, 2016, 5:00 AM EST
Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos
(Source: Center for American Progress/flickr)

Despite vehement opposition from the right-wing Democratic Center party, the Colombian Congress approved an amnesty law on Wednesday, a move that President Juan Manuel Santos described as a significant step towards the consolidation of peace with the Farc guerrilla group. The law will offer freedom from prosecution to those rebels and also the military officials, who are accused of committing minor crimes during the country’s decades-old civil conflict.

The amnesty comes as a part of a revised peace deal after the country rejected the first proposal in a referendum on October 2, as many viewed it to be too lenient on the rebels, writes the BBC.

Thousands of rebel fighters will benefit from the new law, however, those accused of serious crimes like massacres, sexual violence or kidnapping, will face alternative sentences such as land mine removal, to be decided by a special court, reports The Guardian