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A Cure to combat the epidemic of zika virus in Latin America

Oct 27, 2016, 1:40 PM EDT
(Source: NIAID/flickr)

Despite months of intense work including house to house inspections and aggressive mosquito control, federal state and local officials have not been able to stop the spread of Zika.Pregnant women are considered most at risk for Zika, therefore advising pregnant women to avoid areas in the county where local transmission is taking place and to consider postponing travel to all parts of the county.

Mosquitoes in two large areas of Brazil and Colombia are to be infected with bacteria that deprive them of the ability to transmit viruses, which has been held responsible for brain damage in thousands of babies.

“Wolbachia” could be a revolutionary form of protection against mosquito-borne disease. It’s affordable, sustainable, and appears to provide protection against Zika and dengue reports the guardian.

Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes will be released across two large urban areas – in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and in Antioquia in Colombia, starting next year to curtail this epidemic