Guards at the Kremlin. (Source: via Flickr)

by Juliana Kenny Vladimir Putin's regime is taking notes from the Chinese on internet censorship and web policing technology as Beijing's cyber czars met in Moscow this week.

Jakarta, Indonesia.

by Michael Lerner The country's plan to build a "Giant Sea Wall" and 17 artificial islands is being revised.

(Source: Leticia Ayuso/flickr)

by Michael Lerner Iris scanning is more secure and convenient than other ways of confirming identities. 

Gun club. (Source: Peretz Partensky/flickr)

by Juliana Kenny Obama has furthered his agenda to jumpstart the development of smart gun tech.

(Source: Agência Brasil Fotografias/flickr)

A 70-year-old Puerto Rican man died from complications of the Zika virus in February.

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