Migrants and refugees walk down railroad track towards the Hungarian border near the northern Serbian town of Horgos on August 27, 2015.

As many as 50 refugees are believed dead in a parked truck discovered near the Austria-Hungarian border on Thursday. The same day, a migrant ship sank off of Libya, adding to the growing list of migrant tragedies.

Colonels of the Azerbaijani and Turkish Air Forces during a joint exercise in Konya, Turkey on March 3, 2015. Getty Images

The two countries closely cooperate on military and energy matters, despite the nuisance of terrorism.

A Bangladeshi woman works in a garments factory in Ashulia on 6/23/10. AFP PHOTO/MUNIR UZ ZAMAN via Getty Images

China offers to invest $350 million in Bangladesh's garment industry, plus infrastructure projects.

Protests in the Gujarat state have resulted in the government blockage of mobile messaging systems.

Getty Images

A recently developed blood test could detect the risk of relapse in survivors of early stage breast cancer.

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