Following a week of dismaying failures on the part of Nigerian security forces, Nigeria's security situation appears to becoming more bleak at a time when the country’s international profile is only rising.Africa,Abuja,Boko Haram,Chibok,Goodluck Jonathan,Nigeria,South Africa,World Economic Forum,Lora Moftah

  • Spy chief ouster and Qatar mediation point to a shift in strategy.Middle East,Bandar bin Sultan,Diplomatic Relations,Gulf Cooperation Council,Iran,Mohamed bin Nayef,Muslim Brotherhood,Oman,Qatar,Riyadh,Saud al-Faisal,Saudi Arabia,Syria,United Nations,United Nations Security Council,United States,Washington,Lora Moftah

  • The historically neutral African state is switching diplomatic gears.Africa,African Union,Democratic Republic of Congo,Jakaya Kikwete,Kigali,M23,Paul Kagame,Rwanda,Tanzania,United Nations,Lora Moftah

  • The leader issued a thinly-veiled warning to his opponents.Europe,Abdullah Gul,AKP,Justice and Development Party,Radikal,Recep Tayyip Erdogan,Reuters,Turkey,Twitter,Lora Moftah

  • F.M. claims secret talks with Arab states around common fear of Iran.Middle East,Avigdor Lieberman,Benjamin Netanyahu,Egypt,Gulf states,Iran,Israel,Jordan,Kuwait,Riyadh,Saudi Arabia,Tehran,United States,Yedioth Ahronoth,Lora Moftah


Hollande is attempting a course correction after his ruling party faltered in local elections.

Up to 16.1% of China's soil is polluted and 19.4% of its arable land suffers from the same devastating problem, according to the government.

CEO Marissa Mayer is planning to convince Apple to replace Google with Yahoo as iOS's default search.

Indian surgeon, Manish Raval (L) infuses stem cells to patient Sampath Kumar who suffers from chronic kidney failure at The Institute of Kidney Disease and Research Centre (IKDRC), Civil Hospital campus in Ahmedabad on February 6, 2013.

After failed attempts, researchers have made stem cells from two adult males.

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