Boris Nemtsov. (Sasha Mordovets/Getty)

One of Putin's most prominent critics was killed by unknown shooters in front of the Kremlin Friday, multiple sources confirm. There is no information on the shooters yet.


Some observers think the early polls will emphasize the futility of the electoral process, and usher in more instability.

Imperatriz Samba School revellers perform in Rio’s Carnival, Brazil, February 21, 2015. YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images

Nearly one million visitors attended Rio’s Carnival, generating $782 million in revenue for the city.

A person claiming to speak for activist hacker group Anonymous is seen in a video.

Intelligence agencies have placed cyber attacks at the top of their list of threats to the country.

(Courtesy of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Life-threatening infections caused by C. difficile bacteria sicken thousands a year, say health officials.

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