Smoke rises above buildings after Islamic State militants hit Syrian town of Kobani with a mortar fire on October 19, 2014 in Sanliurfa, Turkey.

The U.S. military said it had air-dropped arms to Syrian rebels fighting Islamic State militants near Kobani in what appeared to be the Pentagon's first public acknowledgment it has provided lethal aid to the rebels.

Yuko Obuchi, Japan's economy, trade and industry minister, attends a news conference in Tokyo, Japan, on Monday, Oct. 20, 2014. Obuchi resigned today over allegations that her support groups misused political funds, in a setback for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has made promoting women a pillar of his economic policy.

Resignations are setback for PM Shinzo Abe, who wants to bring more women into the top levels of government.

Airplanes of the German airline Lufthansa stand at Frankfurt Airport on October 09, 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Walkout adds weight to the eighth strike action taken by pilots against Lufthansa this year in dispute over retirement benefits.

The Google logo is seen at the company's offices on August 21, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

The company is trying to curb the usage of piracy websites for music and video downloads.

Some of the candy edibles are kept in plastic cases on the wall, ready to be scanned for purchase.

A panel recommends that cannabis-laced food that is attractive to children be banned.

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